About Our Services

Yacoubian Research regularly conducts surveys for business clients as well as among consumers.


  • Health Care Organizations
       (Hospitals, Doctors' Groups, Medical Device Makers)
  • Financial Surveys
       (Banks, Real Estate Companies, Automobile Sellers)
  • Retailers
       (Durables, Consumer Goods)

Media/Political Groups

  • Local TV Stations and Newspapers
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Political Candidates, Political Parties
  • State, County, Local Governments


  • Social Service Organizations
       (Local Red Cross, American Lung Association, Jewish Federations and YMCA)
  • Professional Associations
       (Local Bar Associations, Legal Services Corporations, Law Firms)

While a vast majority of our survey research results are proprietary, some of our survey reports may be found online.

You can view a sample TV interview with owner Berje Yacoubian on the methods page.

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