Since our founding in 1976, Yacoubian Research (YR) has performed all aspects of survey research projects in-house. This has enabled us to focus on total quality control in every phase of the survey research process.

Yacoubian Research staff customize each project to meet each client's specific needs.

These tasks include:

  1. Helping clients to define the survey universe.
  2. Drafting and testing survey questionnaires.
  3. Gathering primary data
       (telephone, e-surveys, person-to-person, paper mailouts)
  4. Tabulating results
  5. Preparing written reports with recommendations for actions
  6. Recruiting of focus group participants and moderating focus groups

Note: Our data gathering techniques have evolved over the past 41 years so that more of our surveys are now conducted online (e-surveys) rather than over the phone, in person, or through printed questionnaires.

However, regardless of data gathering mode, our emphasis on quality control remains of paramount importance.

For more information on how Yacoubian Research can meet your business's survey research needs, contact us at!